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Thank you for your interest in being a contributor at Jaly to help us in making the Arabic culture and language more appearing to the rest of the world.

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Light The World With Arabic Culture

Jaly is a global cultural initiative that aims to clarify and explain to the rest of the world the beauty and richness of the Arabic culture. In times of increasing cultural interactions and diversity, it's important to share real stories, facts, and inspiration from Arabic culture for people to enjoy.

At Jaly, small efforts will lead to great impacts. The core system of Jaly is running by all Arab people to spread their culture. Each one of you is valuable to us in delivering our message globally. This summarizes our contribution platform.

Big initiatives that changed the world for a better place to live in are started small. At Jaly we aim for a big influence that is made by everyone of you. It doesn't matter where you do live or how old you are; what matters is your love of everything related to Arabic.

Why Should You Contribute With Us ?

Nothing is better than a wise investment. We promise that you will have the best return on invesment of your time, efforts, and skills. We assure you that we will take your contribution and make it happen by any mean of a positive impact.

The Four Pillars we are looking for


A key to quality and efficiency.


Thinking outside the box !


Acceptance of or receptiveness to change or new ideas.


An intense desire and enthusiasm for Arabic culture.


Two kinds of contributors are required, we are looking for writers, with a good sense of what makes an interesting angle to a story. and we are looking for a creative graphic designers with up-to-date knowledge to interpret the needs.



Jaly Team

Jaly was founded by Hisham and Ahmad, both of whom are deeply passionate about Cultures and Languages, with the ultimate goal of making Arabic Culture and Language more appealing to the rest of the world.

Hisham Jabrah

Co-founder and Head of Marketing

"I believe that diversity is the art of thinking independently together."

Ahmad AlGhahaity

Co-founder and Head of Content

"I believe that quality is a personal commitment to excellence, and it is a habit not an act."

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